'Self Esteem 101' - Understanding & Empowering Yourself To Thrive in Your Highest Potential

We look at the ins and outs of your self esteem,
* how well it is preserved and defended to ensure your day, your goals and your life are flowing in the direction you aim and not getting shifted against you and
* how to develop it to enable you to reach your highest potential in life, business and in your relationships.
As well as how best to focus moving into your future particular to your nature, challenges and opportunities.

* Understanding your personal temperament; how to manage and master it to ensure you continue to improve relationships in home, social and business worlds.

It's a 6-hour workshop that is inspiring, empowering and life-improving!

‘I feel I gained the tools to become a better person, deal with life & what life hands me & how to reach my full potential’ - Amber 17 years old.

‘The conflict resolution strategies were best for me’ - Lebo (Businessman, Father)

‘I gained an extensive introduction to the real meaning of living with self esteem & excellent advice on how to put it into practice. Everyone could benefit from this!’ - Diane (Mother & Wife)

Looking forward to working with you and playing a role in your journey, All the best,

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