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Beverley was faced with significant personal trauma around the beginning of the new millennium. She began her role as a single parent when she was sixteen weeks pregnant, ill and broken spirited. While beginning to rebuild herself and her life after her divorce was finalised she was faced with far greater trauma. When her son was 8 months old, they were both beaten up and thrown from a moving car during a hijacking.

Beverley is a talented story teller and paints the picture of the event in graphic detail, drawing her audience along with her in reliving the experience. She describes how she fought for their lives and was determined they would have to kill her before they would kill her son. She was hit by the car four times while refusing to move out of the hijacker’s path, and then miraculously got into the vehicle as they pushed past her to drive away with her son in the car, committed to killing him. Beyond the emotion, she weaves a humorous and entertaining journey of how she explored the experience for the lessons she could learn, what she learned and how she integrated that to change her life completely.

Her deepest belief is that, ‘Life happens to us on the way to our plans and we can either become bitter or better from those experiences.’

As an inspirational speaker, she delights audiences in how they can do so in their own lives with their own experiences, past and future, and how they can learn from the experiences of others so they may not have to manifest them all themselves.

She also speaks on selected topics in personal development and is enthusiastic and humorous while sharing strategies, consider these options or ask her to create your own: 

  • The gifts in adversity! Moving on better, not bitter!
  • Why Self Esteem Suddenly?! What is it? What isn't it? and how can we get it growing?
  • Surviving Parenthood: Single-or-not!! - Raising Children Consciously
  • The 3 most important things to give your ChildrenTM
  • Relationship Dynamics: Playing the Right Game! Business, School and Home - Get the rules working for you!
  • Self Esteem behind the ScreenTM
  • ... or Bev can tailor-a-talk to meet your requirements in the area of Self Esteem, Relationships and Communication

She can be contacted for bookings on bev@bevmilun.co.za or by messaging using the 'contact' tab. 

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