Beverley works extensively to highlight strengths and areas that require development for her clients. These insights are based on the birth date and specific potential of the person, or people, with whom she is working. This provides her with profound insights that she applies additionally in her work during interpersonal sessions.

To extend the picture of the person, or people, with rolex replica sale whom she's working even further, she can choose to include a Quadrant-Style Profiling technique. This technique highlights the four primary areas of the personality, as originally described by Hippocrates 2500 years ago and is used extensively in many personality profiling techniques today.

She uses these tools to create a working picture. This 'working picture' is explained, often with diagrams, and can be immediately understood and discussed so the work is hands-on for her and the people with whom she works.

Her profiling work and mentorship strategies are based on this new personal insight she facilitates for individuals or the relationships they are in.

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