Bev says, 'We are held back from reaching our potential because of feelings of inadequacy, fears or insecurities. When we learn to understand what each of these are and how to grow beyond them, then we can begin to live life more fully, aware and awake, pursuing our needs being met daily.'

She works with the Human Dynamics because it relies on the truth that people are dynamic and can change. She specialises in Raising Self Esteem of individuals, relationships and teams.

'People move within themselves, within their relationships and within their greater interactions personally and professionally, we are fluid throughout our lives. Hopefully they’re moving forward of their own design, but if not, or not enough, then Self Esteem Mentorship may be ideal as a part of the solution.'

Beverley uses a deep exploratory profiling system to enable people to learn more about what empowers them and what doesn’t. Her approach uncovers the paradoxes between where they wish they were and where they actually are in their lives right now and is highly effective because the immediate result is an incredible clarity about the insecurities, paradoxes and strengths of the person that may otherwise take years, or a lifetime, to uncover. She says, ‘If we do not accurately assess where we currently are, we can not accurately design a strategy to achieve our goals and reach a higher level of our personal potential within ourselves and our relationships. I value profiling because of the understanding it fosters and I have found the people I mentor are encouraged by the picture of the work that needs to be done instead of overwhelmed by it.'

Much of the feedback is along the lines of: ‘I’ve been searching for the answers to the insecurities holding me back for years… this process has given me more clarity in a few hours than I could’ve imagined possible’.

Beverley uses a multidisciplinary approach and after profiling will recommend a number of options. These may include working further with her and/or extend to a range of personal work with life coaches, psychotherapists or other modalities of facilitated personal growth, depending on where her assessment finds you.

When she does continue to work with the person, couple or family, her facilitation is profound and focused; it’s a powerful short-term intervention with long term results. Her specific task-focused integration strategies ensure the personal growth achieved, is sustained.

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