Working with clients, privately and in business, Beverley focuses primarily on facilitating their personal and interpersonal development. She is passionate about using mediation as a tool for resolving conflict both privately and in the business world. She mediates conflicts with professionalism and insightful facilitation with great results.

Beverley's exceptional focus on the best interests of all people involved ensures that resolution of the crises remain of paramount importance throughout the mediation process. She uses conciliatory mediation sessions to engage her clients and ascertain whether their conflicts call for mentorship or further mediation and possibly familial reconstitution or divorce.

Her mentorship strategy, with complex relationships, is to debate, guide and equip her clients to resolve their issues and move forward independently within five months to a year. She says, provided you're willing to do the work it takes to resolve internal and interpersonal conflicts, you can have the reward of moving forward in an uncomplicated and positive way.

To support her work in Human Dynamics Mentorship and mediation, she has completed an Advanced course in Family and Divorce Mediation. Her focus within Family and Divorce Mediation is ensuring the best interests of the child(ren) are met through mediating the conflicts and resolution between the parenting partners for their child(ren)’s sake.

She has specialised further with seminars and courses focusing on child-inclusive mediation (CIM) with Dr Ronel Duchen and Irma Schutte; both respected authorities in this field in South Africa.

She is an accredited member of SAAM (the South African Association of Mediators).

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