Meet Bev

Bev is a Self Esteem Engineer who is passionate about helping others achieve Self Mastery and Communication that empowers them in their business, life and relationships.

Beverley has been through many significant challenges, 'Like everyone else', she says, 'I deeply believe we all have so much we have survived and so many lessons we could have learned from the experiences we've been through'. Where Beverley may differ is in her heartfelt pursuit of sharing the insights she has gleaned from those lessons. She offers wisdom and humour when working with people, and plays a facilitative role while they explore achieving more of their potential.'One of my greatest passions is to play a small role in the journey of self discovery and self mastery of people who wish to grow into their higher potential. I know how difficult it is to really grow beyond our insecurities or feelings of inadequacy and where I can offer anything that assists people pursuing personal freedom, I am my most fulfilled.'

Bev has an honours degree in Optometry and enjoys her profession, in which she successfully managed practices for over fifteen years before settling into her own practice in Morningside, Johannesburg. She is a dedicated clinician with a special interest, and over 20 years experience, in eye-strain and headache management; including Computer Vision Syndrome. She also enjoys working with children. Bev is playful with them and specialised in meeting their optical needs. She recommends annual examinations from as young as age 3 and for parents who are concerned before then, an assessment by an Eye Doctor first.

Bev's energy is also devoted to focusing on developing the vision others can have for realizing their own potential. She is a dynamic, entertaining and engaging speaker who inspires people to look at themselves objectively, an effective and experienced workshop facilitator and a patient and dedicated relationship mentor, both privately and in business.

She uses profiling tools to assist her in providing the most significant input for people who use her services and with her extensive specialised focus on Self Esteem and how to assess it, effect it and develop it again, Bev works magic with her clients individually, in relationships or in groups. She takes an objective approach in facilitating self awareness and a deeper understanding of themselves, their challenges and their strengths. Many of her clients claim that working with Bev is, 'a life changing experience'.

After studying and pursuing the understanding of Self Esteem, addressing and healing her own inadequacies and insecurities and living more freely within her own skin, she says, 'I always felt I was playing the perfect part of the happy teenager. I was head of this, best achiever of that, popular and well-liked and miserable inside, often just wishing I was someone else or somewhere else. I was desperate to feel as happy inside as everyone thought I must be. When I graduated I was determined to understand everything that was holding me back from real happiness and I started to study myself and began the hunt for my self esteem.'

Bev says she has journeyed on her knees to the centre of her being and lives guided by her intuition and determination to be the bettering version of herself, everyday.
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