The published forum now has Beverley’s first book: The Survival Guide to Parenthood through the eyes of a single mother. An illustrated, entertaining and insightful journey through many of the experiences life throws at all parents and how to handle each of them with a well-developed sense of improving relationships.

The focus of Beverley's work and writing is on the preservation and development of a healthy and equipped self esteem to enable us to build strong relationships with ourselves, our partners, and in this book, with our children too.

The book offers you the opportunity to explore how living with a healthy self esteem looks in parenting and in relationships. Particularly with our children but also in relation to ourselves and others and has space for you to reflect on your own experiences and where you would prefer to grow and develop more skills.

'I laughed, I cried, I loved it!' - Jacqui, Married Mom of 3 boys

'My husband and I learned so much from going through the book together' - Tali, Married Mom of 2 boys

'Every parent should read this book, it's an essential read!' - Tammy, Married Mom of 4 children

The book is available from internet sites & book stores for ZAR 120.00.

The audio book, with bonus interviews on each chapter, is available, click here
To order the book, please click here, enter your details and we will contact you.
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